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Email accounts locked, mailbox unable, unable to access email account, malware letter


Hi all,

We're aware of an issue where customers emails account may be locked recently and this may be due to our spam and abuse system being updated. If you find yourself unable to log into your email account, please perform a full virus scan on all devices where you have used your email address to prevent your email address and IP address from being picked up by our spam and abuse system.

Once this has been done please also go to this page and enter the email address and password of the affected email account. Then perform a password reset using a completely new and unique password.

If you have any issues 30 minutes after trying the password reset method, do post in our email board with what you have tried, the error message and a screenshot (omitting personal information) so we can assist further. 


Community Moderators


Edit - We will also be notifying customers with active broadband services via email if their email has been locked due to suspicious activity and it will look like the below:

Sender :

[IMPORTANT] Virgin Media Alert: Your device may have a malware infection

Your Virgin Media Account number: 


A device using your internet connection may be infected with malware

Dear Customer Name,

You have received this email as one or more of your Virgin Media mailboxes has recently been locked due to suspicious activity being detected.

It is important that you:

  1. Do a full virus scan on your device with up-to-date anti-virus software
  2. Reset your password to something new, unique to this account and secure.

After resetting your password, your mailbox will automatically be unlocked after 15 minutes.

Please ensure that the above points have been completed to prevent your mailbox from being locked again.

More help and support

For extra advice, or to double-check that this is a genuine Virgin Media communication, head to our community at, click 'Help forum' and join the conversation on the Security Matters board.


Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team



Changes to email Apps

A separate password is now required and can be set via :

 My Virgin Media -  Account settings - Virgin Media Mail settings - Generate new App Password