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Joining in

Please Help. I'm going NUTS! Already logged the issue on 1st March - and not resolved. Heard NOTHING.

Not sure if this fact is related: but my email was one of the ones that was 'hacked' last year, where login wasn't possible, then the old emails took a few weeks to come back. Since then I have had random login problems with my ntlworld email account, that my husband who has a DIFFERENT ntlworld address doesn't have.

These issues just happen overnight, One day things are fine - the next day they are not. About 4 weeks ago I got a message thast said my account was blocked.  I started the process the clear it (not easy!), and before I had completed it - the problem VANISHED! Yippee. Back to normal.

Until the end of Feb this year. Again - and overnight issue appears when I try to login to my email ON MY HOME PC. (I can still get into my emails on my phone!!) I get a screen that says YOUR EMAIL OR PASSWORD IS INCORRECT.  But it isn't INCORRECT - because I'm using the same information on my phone.

NOTE: We have TWO ntl email addresses in the household. The other one is used to login to My Virgin Media acct. Mine is a secondary address - which used to work fine - and now doesn't. Now to action anything that needs printing etc, I have to go into my phone - forward the email to another acct - then go in on my PC to that account to be able to action it.

I'm using Mozilla browser, but have also tried via Microsoft Edge and that doesn't work either.

Please can somebody help to resolve this. I don't want to stuff up the other ntlworld email account.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @HarveyRabbit,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue, I would like to look into this with you and help you as best as I can with this email issue, for me to do so I will be sending you a private message.