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Cannot login to my blueyonder email since update by virginmedia-

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says "the enteted credential or authentication information does not work or are no longer accepted by provider. Please change them."  This email been set up by virginmedia support team so I don't have any information about details on set up! And support no longer exists with virgin media. No way to contact support. Just keep searching for Internet but no avail!!! Me screen info is as follows:-

Account name=MYemail????





Outgoing server smtp



What information wrong please? 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person


The above highlighted error message can usual be resolved by:

  1. opening an Incognito / Private browser window

  2. sign in here with the authentication credentials of the problem account; in the above example it would be

    If sign in is unsuccessful try the forgotten password link Forgotten your Password? | Reset Here | Virgin Media
  3. once successfully signed into webmail go to Login to My Virgin Media | Virgin Media and select Sign in

  4. select Account settings > Virgin Media Mail settings > Generate new App password

    NB if prompted to “Verify it is you” then follow the instruction to change your Sign in Email Address to a non-Virgin Media one. Once the verification process is complete repeat step 4

  5. make a note of new App Password

  6. sign out or close Incognito / Private browser window

  7. now back in webmail, select Edit located adjacent to problem account; in above example that would be richard.branson@

  8. scroll down to Incoming server section and enter App password, noted in step 5, in Password field

  9. scroll down further to Outgoing server (SMTP) and set Authentication to As incoming e-mail server

  10. select Save

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Thanks for this but when i try to login step 2 with (my second mail account). it will not let me log in. always ask my main virginmedia account login and password. Never be able to get to the screen to change password of my email account

This email was my original email account now 2nd email account. set up configured by virginmedia tech support person has set it up. Only stop working last system update by virgin media.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Step 2 should allow you to enter your email address and then  its password. Do you see a screen similar to either of these when at step 2 and if so which:
If you see neither then please post a redacted screenshot of what you see.

So, I have the same issue, 1st line support are useless.

I have gone through the Incognito / Private browser window and when I hit Forgotten Password, and enter a new password, I get this error:


So what do I do now?  I have asked for it to be reset and get told "How can I change the password of your id, that e-mail id has been not registered on my system?"!!!

I do not want to change my account username or email, I want to change the password for my Blueyonder email password!


Hi @cmpwat125 

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first post.

Sorry to hear you are having issues when trying to change the password for your email. We can understand the inconvenience caused. To best look into this, I have sent you a private message. Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. Let me know if you have any issues locating this.


Forum Team

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