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Can't Access via laptop - ok on phone and table but now locked out of account

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About two weeks ago I stopped being able to access my emails via my laptop. Still ok on phone and ipad.  "spoke" to someone on the virgin chat via my account, they did various things and said someone from technical would get back to me.

I've heard nothing and I now I can't even login into my virgin account with my blueyonder password to get my emails! 

Any ideas or can someone from virgin get in touch with me please?   Thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey sharnlouisegra, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

If your emails are working on your others devices this is a good sign, it could be something do with your laptop

How old is the laptop, is it fully updated? 

What error are you getting when you try and login in via your laptop, as mentioned it does sound like a device issues as if the emails wasn't working on anything this would be an issue. 

Matt - Forum Team

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Screenshot 2024-02-15 120924.png

I get this when I hit Send/Receive in outloook and I get this one when I try to log into my Virgin Account doesn't recognise my password, so I go to change my password and then it won't send the reset password to my email because it doesn't recognise the email!


I've not changed my email or password on my virgin account and I've had it for 20 years or so!!

Hi @sharonlouisegra, thank you for your response.

Although we take into account what you've said about having had the e-mail address for a long time, what's happening when you click on the "Forgot email address?" link? Is it allowing you to work through a process and reaching a conclusion?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


When I click on forgot email it comes up with this?    However as I am paperless billing I can’t access my account to get my account number! 


Thanks for the reply @sharonlouisegra on the VM forums. 👋🏼

Are you not able to sign in to the MyVM app? Separate from the emails.
On there you can view the bill and it will have the account number on there.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Managed to sort the issue out now thank you!

Great to hear this has been resolved sharonlouisegra,

Thanks for letting us know 😊