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Blueyonder email not recognised by virgin

Just joined


I've had my blueyonder email address for over 20 years.

I have broadband with virgin.

If I try to access webmail or virgin media account I get error message that email address is not valid.

Worse, Microsoft tells me that email doesn't exist! And won't let me access my emails via outlook 😞😩

Virgin send me emails to my blueyonder address.

I do have email on my Samsung via its email app. But not on my tablet or laptop.

I'm really worried because I have several important emails in my blueyonder webmail box. Some from my now late partner.


Has anyone had the same problem. I've seen some similar threads but not picked up whether anyone found a solution.

I'm getting a bit frantic.


Alessandro Volta

At some point in the past has VM asked you to provide a third party email address as part of VM's recent 'security' changes?

Hi Khanzada,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community  😊

Sorry to see you're having some issues accessing your email account. 

goslow has mentioned something that may be the cause. Can you go here and follow the advice under Setting your app password to use an Email app?

Let us know if this works.