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So I'm Thinking Of Switching to Virgin Media

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We had Virgin Media at our property years ago. Their internet speeds were so much better than what our current provider can supply rn. The only benefits with our current provider, EE, over VM was less downtime and better customer service. Has there been any improvements with VM in the last 4 years since?


Alessandro Volta

Read through the various forum topics (in particular 'Quick Start' and 'Managing Your Account - Cable') and you will get an idea of the problem issues that are being reported by customers at present. You can compare with what you have experienced in the past and judge how/if anything has changed.

Needless to say the forum mainly generates topics when problems arise with VM rather than being a place where happy customers come to heap praise on VM!

If you are switching back to VM though, a general piece of advice would be to keep your EE service running while you get VM installed and overlap the two for a short time if that is feasible and affordable for you. New installations is an area where VM often falls flat on its face (particularly if you need a cable installing) due to the way VM has outsourced the installation work.

If you keep your EE connection going until your VM service is up and running you will at least avoid being cut off with no services if an issue or delay crops up with getting VM installed.

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Have a look at Trustpilot before you make a BIG mistake. VERY expensive and lousy customer service

It's almost impossible to get away from this mob and they keep billing your  aperiod AFTER your contract has finished!.

I ditched them and went to EE. They have UK call centers staffed by people who do not need every word spelt out to them phonetically!

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Better advice yet - STAY WITH EE, do not make the mistake of going back to VM

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Caveat emptor ... yes this is Latin ... In translation a legal term .. " Let the buyer beware " ... This forum is absolutely inundated with VM complaints , disgruntled folk , desperate service and downright allegations of inapropriate behaviour and procedures ... so ... just be aware that if you bite the bullet its your lookout ...good luck😃

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If you're looking for a single contract length it can be a good price. If you stay with them after the 18 month contract you automatically become a second class customer and will be charged more.

Just beware of that.

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