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Sad to be leaving :-(

Tuning in

I've been with Virgin Media for the best part of 15 years (maybe more)

I got offerred something similar from another provider, but for almost half the price

Asked VM if they could match it, they said NO

Didn't even offer me deal, just told me that after I wanted to leave they wanted another month's payment.

Well, thanks VM, to be fair, that kind of behavour made it all the more sweet that I was leaving.

Just goes to show that you have no loyalty to existing long-term customers 😞


On our wavelength

pretty much the same experience after calling them this morning, they offered to knock a bit of, but its no where near competitive enough now.  I'm still mulling it over but I will probably be off. its so sad they can't reward customer loyalty, why should we pay almost twice what many others can do the same, or better (can get FTTP now) for, its crazy, and it is sad, as the service has been OK.