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Rubbish service and badges

On our wavelength
Congratulations! You have a new rank in the Virgin Media Help & Support Community.
Hello again, jrl7904!

You''re shooting through the ranks faster than a packet at 152Mb. Bravo!

We''d like to thank you for your continued contribution with a brand new rank.

Your new rank is Joining in.

Congrats! We hope you''ll stick around. It''s really nice having you here to keep us company in the community.


The Virgin Media Community Team
are you having a laugh how about you fix my issue. Do you have a virgin is pxxxing me off badge

Community elder

If you don't like how this community forum operates don't use it.

It's not a dedicated connection to VM's call centre, so don't expect it!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Most community fora have a very similar setup. Also the nature of a new member is that the badges/introductions are early-loaded.

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On our wavelength

Wow if you had to deal with the **bleep** I was dealing with I am sure you would want to vent. The fact was overall virgin were providing me with an awful service. How dare you lecture me when you are not even in position of the facts. I guess if you don’t like it you get of the forum. HAND

I wasn't lecturing, just stating the facts about how the community forum works.


This post opens with sarcastic nonsense, so quite naturally other customers don't take this thread too seriously.

Super solver

Setting all the good natured banter to one side for a moment there must have been a time in the dim and distant past when 152 Mbps was indeed shooting fast, liable to give one the vapours, and was worthy of an unsolicited "Bravo!".

Treasure that Joining In badge. As you have seen it really is nice having you here to keep us company in the community. 

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That is so true ... whats his gripe ? he does not say .. can someone give hep of advice maybe ? jusy sayin 😊