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Moving Existing Equipment

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We have two white splitter boxes, one at each end of the through lounge/dinner. One has the connection to tv box and the other to the internet hub and phone. We want to change our room around which will mean swopping the hub to where tv currently is and tv where hub is. Is it as simple as disconnecting cable from both bits of equipment, moving equipment to new position and reconnecting to existing cables? Don't know if there's some technical reason why we can't.


Alessandro Volta

The coaxial cables are the same for everything, so you can swap the box and hub around. What you must not do, however, is to try and shorten or lengthen a cable. One thing to note is that by the end of 2025 all phone handsets will only work if plugged into a hub.

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Very Insightful Person
As Roger says... and the phone change may come sooner.

I got the email last week saying ours is going to a VOIP only - in early April so the old phone line will go dead and the phone has to go into the port on the back of the Hub.


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Thanks gents for your reply. We've already had our phone changed to being connected to the hub.

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Yes, it's generally straightforward. Disconnect cables from both devices, swap their positions, then reconnect. Ensure cables are securely connected. If issues arise, consult your service provider for technical support.