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Is nothing straightforward about Virgin?

Tuning in

I find the whole thing difficult. I am pretty literate with other on-line exchanges - but Virgin always get me at it. My old sign-ins won't work - until I persist. A password refused last year - works OK this year. An issued passkey number is never asked for. I cannot "register" my new Laptop.  Complete confusion and anger from frustration ensues.  Possibly App conflicts in the software. I don't care - I just need a result. The whole operation is "flaky" until the question of money arises. Then they jump. The service is on the fringe. Just about works to spec. They have oversold the capacity IMHO. The email access is a farce. Not really very usable. Frequent warnings that it will be withdrawn. How can I have confidence? 


Tuning in

their site just freezes all the time. Useless

Tuning in

similar feelings , answer ........join SKY ASAP