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Has anybody else noticed that nobody has a positive thing to say about Virgin Media.

Joining in

There is a reason why nobody has posted any positive comments about Virgin Media. Everyone can't be wrong. Wifi constantly dropping off. Promises of phone calls to fix a problem that doesn't happen. A rubbish company offering a rubbish service.


Up to speed

Well .. Nobody except mindly deranged folk heap praise on VM ...for what they encounter on their service here .. and many complain bitterly about funding service and cutbacks ... I see many strongly minded words on this forum about VM and the disappointments ... and it is a pity .. VM have an excellent TV package etc is about all .. fees and customer retentions      .. VM finished some CR staff I believe ... hardpressed jobsworths in place ? some personal interaction needed maybe ... ? ... Vm appear on a slippery well oiled slippery slope ..on the way out ...hope somebody does something  ...just sayin 😊