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Has anybody else noticed that nobody has a positive thing to say about Virgin Media.

Joining in

There is a reason why nobody has posted any positive comments about Virgin Media. Everyone can't be wrong. Wifi constantly dropping off. Promises of phone calls to fix a problem that doesn't happen. A rubbish company offering a rubbish service.


Fibre optic

Yep, as jpeg1 mentioned, it's called "scaling up" in business.

Every qualified business manager understands that you cant scale up from 500 customers to 5 million customers while relying on the same customer service department and their small-scale mechanisms. You need to scale up all the departments! Not only that, you need to create customer support mechanisms for everything that can possibly go wrong, and then observe these mechanisms in action with your own executive eyes.

Has the CEO of virgin media ever read a single complaint in his life? I personally don't think so! If I was the CEO of virgin media I would personally take charge of a minimum of 5 complaints per month. I'd do twice a better job for half the salary.

Business size is simply not an excuse for non-proactive executives.

Just goes to show the UK's CATV network is just a cash cow for shoddy executives.

Over my 25 or so years of working life I have realised that there are two types of people, those who just want to suck cash and go home as soon as possible, and those who want to do good work while treating any income as a bonus.

Dialled in

Welcome to the Internet.  

People only seek out forums like this if there is an issue.   If there is no issue they don't even know it exists.  This is the same for everything.  Phones,  gas and electric,  Electrical items. 

People come on here and go, damn, everyone hates Virgin it must be awful. except in reality there are WAY more happy people than dissatisfied.   If I posted a messages saying Virgin are great and way more reliable than Sky / BT,   I'd just get beaten down,  because everyone here has a problem.   90% of which are WiFi related which is more of an issue of the placement of wifi boxes.  "My Wifi is rubbish.. that's because it's in a cupboard under the stairs" 

Oh and I only logged on... because I have a small problem I am about to post.   Overall having been with Virgin since the start I've only been offline for about 2 days when someone digging the road up took out half of West London Virgin in one go.  other than that a few hours here and there. 

Alessandro Volta

Your post highlights the particular issue with VM. You have had a very good experience with minimal issues. I too used VM for 20+ years and only had a handful of notable faults in that time.

For the unlucky customers where things go wrong, VM's blundering and incompetence in solving trivial problems, coupled with long-running systemic problems which never ever get fixed, is the reason the strength of feeling in some topics on here is so high from some customers.

IMO it is less to do with VM getting things wrong. All huge corporations make mistakes and have failures in customer service. In the case of VM though, when they do get it wrong it is often in a spectacularly bad way and VM's processes and procedures are totally inadequate for correcting the worst of its mistakes.

Alessandro Volta

Yes. In a highly technical environment, faults will occur. It's how they are dealt with that is the issue. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Rising star

It's human nature though isn't? I don't come here and post to say my service is running fantastically, which it isn't by the way but do come here to post when there are issues. So all we see are post after post of issues, some of which can be an interesting read 🙂


In HA7. Billing Area 21.
Utilisation Fault
F003502423: Review Dates -> 07/10/2015 -> 02/12/2015 -> 20/01/2016 😞 -> Closed 🙂
Utilisation Fault F004873444: Review Dates -> 29/03/2017 😞 -> Closed 🙂
Utilisation Fault F005506920: Review Dates -> 09/08/2017 -> 08/06/2018 -> 13/06/2018 -> 11/07/2018 -> 12/09/2018 -> 29/05/2019 😞 -> Open 😞

On our wavelength

I have been with virgin nearly 2 weeks. During that time I had many difficulties with virgin and o2 and volt. I had about 5 very long chats. Each person promised to call me back and each time after the first I pointed out they don’t and each one assured me they will take ownership but didn’t. I then came on here to vent. I got it resolved but firstly it should have been right first time and secondly it should have been fixed first time. Overall as I am nearly at the end of my 2 week cooling off period should I run away from this shambles before I am handcuffed to my modem by my contract

Alessandro Volta

Unfortunately that is a decision you will have to make for yourself. You've experienced VM's idea of customer support, and your experience is quite typical. 

If your broadband works well, you will have no need to use their support and everything will be fine. If it goes wrong, you will know what to expect. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

On our wavelength

I worked for VM about 10 years ago, maybe a bit less, and I have something good to say about them. Two things actually!

1. The canteen is (was?) really good, easily the best of my working life (40 years or so).

2. The technical staff I worked with all care(d) deeply about the work they were doing and the customers using the services.

As a customer though, I have absolutely nothing good to say about them. I sent my contract termination letter today by recorded delivery after failing, yet again, to get through to them by telephone at the weekend. Hopeless.

This is what kills it for me.

Like you say the issues are well known and even documented and they keep deciding not to act/not to act strongly enough on them.

They will more quickly bother CS people that actually care and raise concerns than address the source of those concerns.

I guess they did the math and its more profitable this way due to the fact not enough VM costumers and VM agents complain and demand something is done to rectify what is wrong.

Easier and less costy to pacify the few that fight back than being a decent company, I guess..

If the tools arent given, and the company not truly cares, all the good will from the rare decent CS agent will be for naught.