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Joining in

Dear Virgin,

I wanted to share positive feedback on a staff member today but was unable to find a place to do this on the website!! 

I had a fantastic experience with Ross McCullough from your customer service team today and wanted to sing his praises at what a great staff member he is.  He was very understanding, explained everything very clearly, helped me out tremendously with my circumstances at the moment, he was extremely polite and managed to change my mind about leaving. He is a real asset to your company.  

I  hope this is the best alternative place to raise this compliment about Ross as I wasn't able to find an email address to submit this and hope this finds its way to his manager!!





On our wavelength

As a new customer its a welcome change to see some positive news, thank you. I'm also finding the VM forum team on here also provide excellent support when needed 😀.



Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on Ross and that he was able to help you with your queries. We'll make sure he sees this 🙂