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Broadband Cancellation: That appeared easy...

Joining in

Called VM early at 08:15 and got through to a chap in uk call centre. Told him I want to give my 30 day notice of cancellation of braodband. He asked why, I told him I was going to another ISP called toob for £25 a month. He looked them up and said he couldn't believe how cheap they were doing broadband for and couldn't compete. Didn't even try to offer me another deal. He put my cancellation through straight away. Took just 19 minutes on the call. Must admit I was a little apprehensive about calling thinking I would have to deal with an off-shore call centre. Maybe it's true if you call them early just after 8am you get the UK call centre. Just got my confirmation email too. Yay!!


Tuning in

Good to read of your pain free experience.

Did the customer service agent mention anything about waiting 30-45 days for the final bill refund?

I was told this a few days ago. My end date was 8th Nov but for some reason carried on until the 30th Nov so I got billed for another month, queried this and eventually they agreed to credit me back but as now according to the system my end date is the 30th I won't actually get the credit back until I think the 16th Jan 2024!


In HA7. Billing Area 21.
Utilisation Fault
F003502423: Review Dates -> 07/10/2015 -> 02/12/2015 -> 20/01/2016 😞 -> Closed 🙂
Utilisation Fault F004873444: Review Dates -> 29/03/2017 😞 -> Closed 🙂
Utilisation Fault F005506920: Review Dates -> 09/08/2017 -> 08/06/2018 -> 13/06/2018 -> 11/07/2018 -> 12/09/2018 -> 29/05/2019 😞 -> Open 😞

My cancellation date was December 29th 2023. Then i received a whatsapp message confirmed by mods to be true offering a free month extension and that disconnection would happen January 29th 2024. Just been billed £109 for this free month including a late payment charge for a "free month" !!

Writing to the ombudsman now collecting all the emails and forum posts as evidence, hopefully VM will correct their mistake in the meantime.

Do also please let Ofcom know all about your cancellation experience with VM

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

I tried this morning and can't get through via my mobile, only with their o2 mobile and house phone. Don't have o2 Tried for one hour. In the end I had to reconnect my house phone to get through. Got through to Manilla and could not get through to UK. Stayed with my old deal in the end of £56. I shall leave in 18 months time after being with them for over 30 years. Cant even use my old ntl mail any more. Disgusting in it.

Tuning in

I had a similar experience this morning.  I think they could see all the issues we had after 15 years enough was enough. Also 18 month contracts are just unreasonable. Just a month or so ago I was offered a special deal that was £25 more to lose clients.

Thanks for that link btw, I have most definitely thrown in my 2p.  Cancelled on 15th, told on 20th that I hadn't

Dialled in

On reading this forum there would appear to be many VM customers with their feet on the starting blocks waiting for the starters pistol to be fired for release and departure from VM... shame really a great cable company ruined by one or two jobsworths and lowlife greedy financial company practices. ... not all though .. this customer appears to be well sorted ..  😉