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15 Years and no loyalty.

Dialled in

So after coming up on 15 years as a Virgin Media customer. I'm finally going to leave.

With the price rises I thought maybe I'll stick with them. But after seeing many other suppliers offer the same speeds and TV packages for cheaper, it's time to say goodbye forever to VM. 

Once a bastion of the fastest speeds, the biggest packages. Now a husk of itself. 

Saw on here and in the VM reddit of long standing customers receiving really good rates. Even had one on Reddit send me a screenshot of what they'd managed to get.

But it appears as a long standing customer since 2010, these prices are not for me. Just everyone else.

Went through online chat 6 times. All offered me reduced services at a higher cost (which moron accepts that?). Would I like a transcript? Yes! Have I ever received one? Nope!

So after making a complaint. I was offered £15 off, on the caveat I sign a new 18m contract.  Bear in mind this is still £32 per month more than the other long standing customers have received.

So all in all. 15 years means you're allowed to pay nearly £900 more than others for the life of your contract.

So once my contract is up. It's time to go. 

I guess this is why VM lost 2,000 customers in May and is losing billions every year. Their priorities aren't right.

So long!

VM Customer Since 2010

Alessandro Volta

A steady flow of recent topics on here just recently suggests that it is only when you put in your cancellation that you might get an acceptable offer from VM via a retentions call. There is no guarantee at all this will happen though so, if you do put in a cancellation, you should be ready to follow through with it. Having marketing options turned on in 'My Virgin Media' is recommended to allow the call to take place.

Before you cancel though, do your research on what you will be moving to when/if VM does not come up with a deal that is acceptable to you. If you do get a retentions call back, any offers tend to be 'of the moment' and won't be there again if you ask to think about it and call back. You need to know prices and details of your alternatives to decide if any further VM offer is any good or not.

Also be sure to check whatever deal you might agree with the agent is actually what comes through on paper in the contract doc's. There have also been a great many 'deal not as described' topics on here of late. Ideally record calls with VM and keep records of any chat etc.

If you don't get any better offers from VM then move on. There is no loyalty discount involved when dealing with any supplier these days (if such a thing ever existed in the past). It is a straightforward business transaction. You want as many services as possible for the least amount of money. VM wants the maximum amount of money from your for the least amount of services.

If you do have to move elsewhere, you will have the option to return to VM in the future as a 'new' customer and will get new customer pricing once again.