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new black WiFi Pods

On our wavelength

Hi i have wifi pods and have moved them around the house as I have issues not even getting my guaranteed 556mbp out of my 1g volt package.

I have tried many issue fixes that virgin told me which included the pods they are helpful but issues with wifi still exist  also they only take one ethernet slow cable not to mention when using my router I get wifi 6 but round the house wifi 5 which may also be casing my problem.

I am given to understand the new Black pods may fix my issues including 2 ethernet cables 1g connection on each pod and wifi 6 the same as my router this should fix all my errors and problems around my house.

How can i order replacement black pods to fix my problem or should i just give up go to anther broadband company like EE who are offering 

1.6Gbps very tempting offer especially if going to refuse my request I pay for the best and expect the best