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Wi-Fi - Can’t stream anymore

Tuning in

Started yesterday and hasn’t changed today I can’t stream, Netflix constantly recommends I restart the router 

Fed up of restarting the router 😒

Feel like the WiFi has become weaker, so I downloaded VM Connect and it can’t find the network even though my phone seems to be connected to it

Sad times 😞


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JTBomb007,

Thanks for posting and sorry to see you're having some connection issues. 

We've had a look at things from our side and can see we're aware of an intermittent issue affecting you. 

We’ve starting our monitoring and will check your connection over the next 24 hours. Once we’ve completed our checks, we’ll send you a text update to the mobile number you have on the account.

If everything is back to normal we’ll let you know, but if we find there is still an issue we’ll arrange a service visit by one of our technicians to run additional checks.




Alessandro Volta

You should get your own wifi router and use hub in modem mode