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Changes to package not requested

Tuning in

Hi, tried all other avenues to contact customer services, and are now losing the will to live. My issue is my bill has suddenly doubled with no explanation, my account says changes were made to my subscription, which I have not requested? All I can think is that I recently asked for my volt benefit to be applied to my broadband service as it was only active on my O2 mobile, and that has been charged for instead of being provided free. If anyone has had this issue or knows a better way to get hold of someone in customer services please let me know. Thanks 


On our wavelength


Has your contract recently ended?

When you renewed your contract last time were you given any discounts or free channels. If you were those discounts would have been removed and you are now being charged full price. The only way round it is to negotiate a new contract.

Good luck

It appears adding the free volt benefit has removed my £23 contract discount 3 months into my 18 month contract, virgin customer services have been unhelpful through WhatsApp, was hoping someone here could get this resolved quicker.

If you have a VM landline call 150 and pick one of the choices on there. I normally go for  "If you are thinking of leaving us" option. Failing that wait on here for a response or call them using 0345 454 1111 

I think that is the correct number but you probably will not get through until monday.

Hi, just wishing to pass on some experience I have as a new Virgin Broadband customer adding the 'free' Volt upgrade to my account. As a new customer on an 18 month contract I recieve a discount on my subscription, however after requesting the Volt benefit be applied as I'm an o2 mobile customer also, the agent who processed this for me removed the offer discount I was currently enjoying. I only became aware this had happened when my next bill was due, and found it had gone from £34 a month to £73.87, que the next 3 hours of my life on Whatsapp to Virgin media that I will never get back (on a side note: why is a telecommunication company so difficult to contact, they don't publish contact telephone numbers on their site and steer you to AI chat bots and time consumming Whatspp chats...unless you wish to uprade your services or are thinking of leaving then you'll have no trouble getting in touch!).

If like me you were expecting my situation to be resolved simply, your are very wrong, I was told they couldn't roll back the changes, I was offered my original deal at £57, then £40, then £36, then ok they could match it at £34, great at last, nope the £34 would go up to £39 the following month, this was stated as 'due to the April increase', this was at best a mistake or at worse some dishonesty from the agent on Whatsapp, as the 8.8% increase would only cost me £37 going forward.

So where am I now? After being passed to another agent I have had to sign a new 18 month contract at £40 a month with the promise their manager will apply a £6 discount in the next few days! Life is hard enough without having to deal with such poor customer service, please Virgin Media make things easier!

Sorry if I've bored anyone with too much detail, my intention is only to share my experience in the hope someone can resolve a similar issue without the waste of time I've gone through, and that through some slim hope that someone with any decission making capacity at Virgin Media see's my message and thinks maybe we can do things better.

Good luck Virgin Media Customer's  

Hey andrew-1975, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

I can see you've spoke to the team since this post did they manage to help at all?

We would be happy to raise a complaint for you if you would want us to or you can do it here. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matthew

Thank you for responding, I am hoping things are sorted however my confidence is low, when I log onto my account on the app it has not changed and is still showing my next bill as being £73.87 and not the £40 less the £6 discount I have accepted in order to provide me with the same contract I initially signed up for. I understand my first 'new' bill will be different as it'll be prorated but the March bill shown on my account is definately not correct and should be no more than £34, I am concerned that I will be facing a headache this month with the £73.87 taken and then having to go through the whole issue again over Whatsapp with Virgin Media customer service trying to argue a refund for an over payment. The whole thing's a mess, for something that was no fault of my own and should of been so simple to resolve.

Hopefully you could take a look and reasure me that I will not be paying more than the £34 a month contract I agreed to.

Many thanks Andy

Hi Andy

Thanks for getting back to us. 

We completely understand your hesitation about whether this issue has finally been sorted for you. I'd really like to help and ensure that things go smoothly for you from here and I will raise a complaint for you on your behalf. 

Please look out for my PM 😊