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We are currently running a HUB 3.0 in modem mode and a Virgin V6 box.


My HUB 3.0 is on Modem mode as im a running a Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 router with satellites.

I have checked to see if there was any updates or upgrades for both and everything seems ok and I have checked my Netgear Orbi system and that's all been updated and running the newest software and firmware.

I have been on to the Virgin Media status checker for any issues and everything is coming back fine for Broadband & TV but for the last 12 hours our TV has done nothing but flicker. It's NOT The tv itself as it's ow under 1 year old and I can watch other things on it with no issues.

Now looking online at the Virgin site which i don't do that often I noticed that we are now up to a Hub 5x and a new 360 Virgin box.

Can I upgrade to this hardware free of charge ?
(Why should new users get cheap deals and the newest hardware)

Below is an image of my TV problem,




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM only very very rarely offer upgrades and only then when the equipment is very old. You are supplied with rental equipment suitable for the speed plan that you are on. The only way to get later equipment is to go to the 1G tier, but even then you could be issued with a Hub4 which is not the latest model, the Hub5 is.

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@Lindsay_B81 wrote:

I can watch other things on it with no issue 


When you say this do you mean from other sources like DVD, Blu-ray or apps through the TV.

Is it only live TV or apps and on-demand through the V6 box, if it's only live TV and limited to a few channels then it might just be a signal level that needs adjusting, if it is only a few channels if you say which ones they are they might all be on the same mux.

If it is only the V6 box have you tried a different HDMI cable or reseating it.



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The 360 box is step back compared to the V6, so don't be in a rush to change that, I would try the things suggested to confirm if it is a signal fault or a fault with the box. If it's a signal fault then may need an engineer to fix cabling rather than the box. If they do want to change the box, I'd try and get a replacement V6 rather than a 360.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Lindsay_B81 wrote:

We are currently running a... Virgin V6 box.

Now looking online at the Virgin site ....I noticed that we are now upto a new 360 Virgin box.

Also to add... between the V6 & TV360. The hardware is identical, the software is absolutely & fundamentally different.

Whether newer here is better, is the matter of some debate on these fora. It probably comes down to how you use your V6, and which feature sets are more important. Do your research and only request a conversion if you are confident in the differences.

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Virgin are a total joke.

Tested the stuff and getting various faults from card issues on the box to box not being connected,



Booked an appointment between 4pm and 7pm on Friday 5th  (Image attached)



Just logged in and its now saying that I DO NOT have an appointment.


Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 6.37.39 PM.png


Still got issues with TV skipping, Jumped and being fuzzy.
Just on the phone to Virgin and they have told me they have cancelled the appointment and they will be out tomorrow.
So I have taken 3 hours off work for no reason and I won't be home tomorrow, Virgin Have NOT told me this and virgin have not notified me of the change of appointment and if virgin did show top tomorrow I would be unaware and stung for a call out charge.

After speaking with them they are telling me its now Monday between 4pm and 7pm and an engineer will be out.

With all the above we are out of contract in 2 months and im thinking SKY is a better option.

They still have the wrong postcode & home phone number from over 3 years ago in my old house which has not been changed or updated.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Check your power-saving options for either "Always on" or "Connected low power". "Eco low power" prevents some remote access and could potentially cause this.

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Hi @Lindsay_B81 thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of your concerns.

If you do require us to look into this, I'll send you a PM to investigate this further.

Kindly reply directly if you are happy for me to do so.

Many thanks


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So once again Virgin in there wisdom have not showed and there is no appointments booked.

Spoke with the the retentions team and they have put me through to faults.

Still No engineers, Still no fix & A lot of messing around with them blocking my account.


Have messages from Virgin to state there is a known fault but Virgin do not compensate for TV FAULTS or issues. 

So since Friday 5th I have had 2 technicians booked with them not showing. 
I have waited over 3 hours in total on the phone to virgin media. 
I have been told the TV issue is ongoing. 

I have also been told that on Monday 8th I would receive e-mails regarding compensation and that a technician would call me. 

none of the above has happened.