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My LG TV doesn't detect Virgin HDMI signal after waking up from standby

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I have an LG UM7400PLB TV, and I use a V6 box.

When I use the TV remote to switch the TV on in the morning, or when I come home, the TV comes on fine but there is no input detected from my Virgin box after I use the VM control to power on the box.

It is only after I reset the power at the plug, and use the remotes to switch on the TV and the VM box, that I'm able to view VM content.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I need to fix.

Thanks, Max.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @MaxPowers Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the TV box in relation to the powering on of the TV box.
When the box is turned off at the main and then turned on - the remote works fine with it, but when it is on standby, is this when the issue occurs?

Have you checked the settings on the TV box to see if low power mode is enabled as this may be contributing to this issue.
Have a look and let us know and we can go on from there.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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When the box is turned off at the mains, and the remote is used to wake the box up from standby, the television displays a picture from the cable box fine and there are no issues.

However, if the television is left alone for a period of time, and either the TV or tthe cable box, enters its power saving/sleep mode, upon using both remotes to "wake up" the TV and the cable box, all the TV displays is a photographic screensaver that cannot be exited.

I assume it is the TV's power mode and I will try to investigate further.

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try hdmi 2 as this has the ARC/E, my connection  works great in HDMI 2  and Not very well in HDMI 1. Magic remote works tv and the box.

this post may contain nuts 😉


 First thing is to establish which box you have if you are new to Virgin or have you got a new TV, the advice might differ depending on which box you have you can check here 

If it's either a 360 or V6 you don't really want to switch it off at the plug at night because that's when they receive updates to the box and TV guide. The 360 is best being set to Active start for power consumption if you are trying to save on the ever increasing bills.

 If you have a 360 you can go to Settings, System, Standby timer and choose between 4, 5, 6 and 24 hours before it goes into standby mode if it doesn't receive an input from the remote. I think there is also something similar on the V6.

My LG TV has a setting to turn off the screen if you go to Settings, Support, OLED Care, Device Self Care, Energy Saving, Auto Power Off the options are Off, 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours, I have mine set to off.

Alessandro Volta

This is what I do. When I'm not watching TV I put both the box and TV into standby, can't think why failing to do so would be a good idea.

When I want to watch TV I turn on the box and TV in that order to enable handshaking to be trouble-free.

BTW, as I have an OLED it's never powered off (best practice).

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