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Box Keeps Resetting itself & Remote is not so good now

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hey there

over the past few weeks our box just keeps resetting itself sometimes 2- 3 times a day & its starting to get really annoying & it does it during recordings too & it splits them, it also freezes & just breaks up


& the remote is starting to get spongy & unresponiseve & ive tried new batteries & thats not done much


sorry im not so good at explaining issues


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Very Insightful Person

A TV box that's restarting itself anything more than occasionally and then overnight, has a fault and this should be reported.

Either by calling in, or waiting on this forum a few days for staff to respond.

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thats what i was hoping for cause there is no way mum is calling them (she dont like using the phone at the best of times & especially trying to explain it to them when they cant understand her) so i thought it be best i do it on here as its simplier to explain


12.37am 07/01/23 it just resetted itself

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as of 6.47am this morning (08/01/24) it is going though a light show (red, amber, white) & then there is 2 other bits flashing too but everything else seems fine

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forgot to update i called 150 yesterday & today they are sending someone out to have a look bewteen 8am & 12pm


Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry about the TV box issue - I can see from checking the system you've had a tech visit sort this via replacing the box.

I hope everything is therefore sorted, please pop back to the community should you ever need further assistance.

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this was sorted out yesterday i forgot to post about it

Thanks for the update @SUPERCOOLWILLOW, and I'm pleased to hear that this has since been resolved.

Do please feel free to come back to us if the error re-emerges or if any alternative faults come to the surface.