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downgrade from 360 to V6 TiVo

Dialled in

As above I completely hate the 360 software am I able to request downgrade back to TiVo software as you can't even undelete a show on this disaster of a software.  accidentally delete a show and its gone forever.   its just software at the end of day so I was hoping I could be downgraded back to the old tried and tested software. 


My package HAS changed, and includes (at my  request) the 360 software 'upgrade'.

VM are now trying to renege on the deal, stating that that deal is no longer available, and have unilaterally cancelled the contract which was for £79.50 a month, and increased it to £152, but I've got an email with full details of the agreed contract and am insisting they honour it!

After spending most of Friday on the phone with VM and being constantly lied to, I'm I'm expecting a phone call from Customer Retention department on monday.

If that call doesn't materialise I will be cancelling my contract and going elsewhere. I've never experienced such rubbish customer service in my life, truly abysmal!


Hello DavidS49.

Thank you for taking the time to reply back.

Can we please ask if you received your call back yesterday? 

Was everything resolved for you?


Hi Gareth. I spoke to someone called David on Monday who was extremely helpful. Told that going back to V6 software WAS possible, if a little tricky. I informed him that I had a second, unused Tivo V6 box and he advised me to connect that one and said as he could see from my account that I still had the V6 software, it should work fine, and that he'd call back on Tues morning to see how I'd got on. Anyway, I hadn't had time to connect it when he did call back so he said he'd call again today (weds 6th December)

I connected the box but my dismay it instantly 'updated' to the 360 software!

Unfortunately he didn't call today so I called Virgin, explained everything (again) only to be told that to revert back to V6 software wasn't possible! 🤬

To make matters worse I now need to use both the V6 and the 360 remote to operate my tv as neither does everything!

Volt dept say it's because of a unsuccessful upgrade and that they'd sort it for me from their end......within 5 days!!

Guess who isn't a happy bunny?? 🤬🤬🤬

Fibre optic

I suspect whoever told you that you could revert back to the tivo software, only told you that to get you off the phone and had no intention of phoning you back.

As far as I am aware, once you go down the 360 software route, there is no going back to the tivo software.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

No. The boxes can only be migrated one way. The only way would be to replace the existing boxes with refurbished used Arris V6 units which are only meant as fault replacements.

If you have a Disney+ or Paramount+ subscription as part of your new deal these apps are not compatible with the TiVO firmware, so migration to V360 is mandatory.

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Our sincere apologies for the poor experience. 

Once migrated, it isn't possible to revert back as already advised.

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