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Tv stuck on one channel

Dialled in

Tv is stuck on one channel which does not work anyway. It is static page. The red light on box is off and the white one on but it will not go off. Tried checking router, plugs and cables in and out.  On HDM2 can get the apps . Volume button on remote is working ie going up and down 


Community elder

So just to clarify things the way I read this is your 360 box is stuck on channel and is frozen and the box won't turn off with the remote. It's the HDM2 bit I am unsure about, I am assuming you can switch to the HDMI 2 on your TV and have a streaming device connected and can watch apps which would prove your network connection is OK.

Have you tried switching the 360 off with the switch on the back of the box or at the plug to reboot the box.