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The Wheel BBC1 series link still doesn’t work for me 18 months later.

Up to speed

I couldn’t reply to my old thread about this so apologies for giving this longstanding issue another go.


Neither of my 360 boxes will set up a series recording The Wheel on BBC1. If I select “Record Series” for this programme I get a message in the top right of the screen “! Sorry, we couldn’t do this for you. Please try again later.”

I’ve been trying to do this for 18 months with no success! It is the only programme which my 360 boxes will not let me do a series recording!

Happy for a VM rep to DM me to help resolve this. Thanks.


Hi roy247

Just tried the factory reset option as suggested. Sadly it didn’t work and I still cannot series record The Wheel in ch101. Most peculiar.

VM have reached out via DMs so let’s see if they can help. 

Quick update I forgot to add yesterday. The fault is not restricted to my 360 boxes, this also happens when I try it in the TVGo app.

Dialled in

Hey Eddie, just to throw a spanner in the works. I record The Wheel just fine on 101....and I'm in Yorkshire too. Although the episode numbers are all over the place.

But don't get me started on Air Crash Investigation! New series has started, but even though the series link is set, it's not recording the new episodes. I'm having to manually record them individually.

Hi crazygoog. Thanks for the update on that, useful to know . So it seems that my “The Wheel” problem is isolated to me, and not just my box as it happens on the TVGo app too. In both cases it doesn’t even go as far as saying it’s going to record them, it just throws up an error message.