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TV 360 as part of new package. Unsure about it. Recontracting difficult 2 x price. Outbound passback

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Hello. I wanted to get some opinions about the TV 360. I was trying to recontract with Virgin and paying £37.50 for my base package which had Ultimate Volt, Gig 1, two V6, sky sports, cinema uhd, Maxit TV Netflix, the full shebang really.

I can't remember how long I spent on the phone and how many times I rang over a few weeks, and the first deal seemed the best now, £72 same price but no TV 360 and double what I was paying.

 I am unsure of TV 360 and wonder if users preferred the V6 boxes before a software update. If I were to go 360 I should have asked about a third box really but it wasn't part of my plan, now was accepting an offer double what I was paying.

Now they have the money/ contract I notice a shift in how they speak to you. I'm sick of being lied to tbh, duped (like in to dropping hub 5 complaint that they said they'd send it it resolved my complaint) then did t send the hub, so I had to ring back about that again, and I know there are better packages out there, I can see what people post out on certain sites.

I wanted to ask for a referral and  outbound pass back form to be filled out so the team with largest discounts phoned me but they seem to pretend to not know what I'm talking about now. 

It's poor treatment tbh as soon as they have the money/ contract and I'm only trying to get the best deal available at lowest price. In this cost of living era too.  Even now I'm wondering if the only reason the hub 5 got sent was me being out of contract soon and ombudsman mentioned.

I'm really not sure about TV 360 or Virgin anymore. There's only so much someone can take before they get fed up. It is probably in my interests to cancel tbh as it is other people who use them (one box was moved into a family members room when I wanted it in mine and I pay for it and told them my intention to move it into my room. Can just imagine the agro that would cause though if I took that away.

So is TV 360 worth it? I don't know exactly what different and although think you only get one useable hard drive now. Really wondering if I should just cancel completely tbh. I know there's better deals available if one knows where to look.


Hello. Thanks. I haven't noticed anything different about the boxes although I think a text was sent yesterday saying something was activated even though I was asking for it to remain V6. They said something wasn't activated anyway (whether it 360 or contract I don't know) It's been since 28th march though so...

I don't know with some staff. They do lie. I had tier 2 retentions looking at packages (with a third box) and saying there's no way she could get below 100 odd quid or something for something I already had 67 and 72 quoted for 2 boxes. 

One said it was almost double price.

Others there is a clear language barrier issue (sorry for saying it but it's true) and I have to repeat or they don't fully understand what I'm asking.

The lady also told me that this will be a one off that as I'm new to 360 it's because of that and usually it's more expensive so basically next time I recontract it'll be more expensive than now.

This was the whole thing I was trying to ask them about V6 becoming 360 and could I change it (before the activation happened) and nobody could understand me. I've ended up with something I didn't really want now, one less box (so I can't watch what I pay for it's other family members) and just wonder if I want to cancel what is the cheapest way I can cancel it

Is it really going to cost me £500 to cancel (in a cooling off period). I could lower services if/until I cancel can't I?

I don't know how many hours I've spoke to them over last weeks but it's a lot.

Isn't adding a third box meant to just be £5 or £10 extra or something I think it may have been you that said it. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi again @slimcraigy 

There is a 14 day cooling off period when recontracting so you can go back to your previous package/contract, however if  you were changing from V6 to 360 boxes then they would remain as 360 boxes.

As to additional box pricing, it should be £5 extra for a third box.

The text below is taken from the "The legal Stuff" > "TV" sub section at the bottom of the page. 

(It's the same text at the bottom of all new customer VM offer pages, but as you can see it covers both new and existing customers)


New customers: £30 network installation fee where QuickStart is unavailable. £10* monthly recurring service extension fee for the first additional box plus £5* monthly recurring service extension fee for any further boxes.

Existing customers adding TV: £30 network installation fee where QuickStart is unavailable. £10* monthly recurring service extension fee for the first additional box plus £5* monthly recurring service extension fee for any further boxes.

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Thank you. This is what is so frustrating when I call and ask and nowhere was £5 mentioned. I think I even said someone mentioned it should be £5.

It's a right mess at the moment. Unknown services listed in part of my bill, old bill listed before I click further "view in my virgin media" or whatever it is called.

Yeh they've given me 360 by looks of it.Damn thought they'd stopped it.

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Just wanted to say as well. I think the lady let slip at the end of the phonecall those on 360 now don't get packages for less than 90-100 and it's just a one off deal so basically I think next time (if there is one) it'll be more expensive than if I'd stayed with V6. Too late now it's updated even though I was told it may stop. 

No wonder there's a big push for 360 if they can charge more when it's recontracting time.