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Switch two V6 boxes to 360 & mini setup.

Tuning in

I have two V6 boxes, however due to renovations in our house I no longer want to connect one of the V6 boxes to the coaxial input for aesthetic reasons (cable management). I was offered a free swap to 360 early last year by having them updated with the software and new remotes sent but preferred to keep them as they were and still would in an ideal world. However to now utilise the second box I'm paying for I hoped to change to a 360 box (either new or software update to one of my V6) and a mini as I believe the mini doesn't need a coaxial input. I've looked in my account and on the help pages but their is zero information about how you can change to a 360 setup.I have just contacted VM by telephone and was advised that my V6 box couldn't be updated with the new software, and that I would have to take out a new contract with a new package (as my current one isn't available) if I want a 360 capable box and mini. Could anyone clarify if that sounds right as it seems at odds from everything I have read on these forums and wondered if things changed recently. I appreciate there may be a cost involved but I don't want a new more expensive contract. TIA.



Hi tafer2uk,

You might want to rethink this because the mini does need a coax cable for live TV as well as the connection to your hub either by ethernet cable or wi-fi for everything else and the obvious HDMI cable to the TV.

Some of the offshore advisors seem to forget about the coax connection.


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Very Insightful Person

Hi tafer2uk 

The main and mini 360 boxes both need to be connected by coaxial cable to receive live TV. You can't run one V6 box and one 360 together, the boxes can't be mixed. If you do swap from V6 to 360 then both V6 boxes would be sent an over the air update to the Horizon (360) system. You would be sent two new 360 remotes, one for each box.  As part of the update to 360 the hard drives would be reformatted on your boxes so you would lose all recordings and series links.

VM made a number of package changes last September. The older Player, Mix, Full House, and Maxit TV tiers are now obsolete. If recontracting you would be moved onto either the Mixit or Mega TV tier. Also if you currently  have TNT Sports (BT Sports) you need to be aware that it's now a standalone addon for new and re-contracting customers, so you would need to pay an additional amount  (current list price is £18 per month although it's possible to negotiate that for less)

I've seen a few threads where there were problems updating some V6 boxes to the Horizon (360) software, although I would have thought it's still very much possible to have both V6 boxes updated.  Having two V6 boxes updated to 360's means you retain the recording facility (hard drive) on both boxes.  Switching to a  main 350 and a mini 360 would halve  your recording storage.

The Stream box is IP based and is the only VM set top box that doesn't need the coaxial connection, however it's one box per account and can't be used in conjunction with any other VM set top box.



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Alessandro Volta

If there are two V6s on your account you don't have to pay any extra to use them. Should one V6 not be working, as would happen if not connected to the hub for a while, then call to get it reactivated.

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Tuning in

Hi, thanks for the replies. That's clarified my options as I didn't realise the mini needed a coaxial input. I will just keep the second box disconnected and run my contract down and see what my options are then. Thanks again for the quick replies.

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Very Insightful Person

@tafer2uk wrote:

Hi, thanks for the replies. That's clarified my options as I didn't realise the mini needed a coaxial input

The only difference between a TV360-master & TV360-mini is the lack of a recording hard drive in the mini. Fundamentally different to multiroom-V6 where all boxes are self-sufficient with hard drives.

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