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Software version 5.10 has started to roll out.

Fibre optic

As the subject line says, software version 5.10 has started to roll out to 360 boxes. While it looks to be a small and incremental update the one thing I have noticed so far is that the Catch Up, Box Sets, Movies, etc pages have been reorganized. This probably makes them ever so slightly easier to use. One thing Virgin Media fails to get right every time is the suggestions. Because I watched a football match once the suggestions algorithm seems to think I am a sports fan and fills my suggestions with sport-related programmes. I wish this feature was actually useful and reflected my real interests.

Maybe there is more to this update but there was a major outage in my area yesterday lasting many hours so I did not have an opportunity to explore more. Still no sign of an undelete feature for mistakenly binned recordings.


Super solver

What would be useful is if it had some sort of Thumbs Up and Down system for suggestions, so you could apply a thumbs down to the sports programs to tell it you weren't interested, or a thumbs up to programs that you did like. Maybe even with a few levels such as up to three thumbs up or down to any program to really help refine it. They could even put special buttons on the remote! Now that would be a great way to handle suggestions.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the thumbs-up, thumbs-down, feature was proprietary to TiVo. I have seen and used something similar on Netflix, so I might be misinformed. Even the context button (three dots) on the remote is unhelpful. Perhaps in the future something might be added here to banish unwanted recommendations from the list.