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Re: Re: Virgin 360 sucks

On our wavelength

360 is very irritating compared to my old V6. I have now had it for nearly two years. There is no My Shows” button meaning if you are watching a recorded programme and quickly want to switch to TV then continue the recording, you have to use 7 button presses or use voice control which is very slow and often misunderstand or says “it hasn’t learned to do that yet” or gets completely the wrong end of the stick. This is extremely irritating when you want to quickly flick between tv and recordings. Can’t Virgin come up with a solution for this? Many users have mentioned this problem. Please can you find a solution for his.


On our wavelength

I agree. Switching quickly between recordings and live tv is a nightmare. The voice control is slow, often says, “ I haven’t learned to do that yet” or completely misunderstands. Very irritating when you are trying to flick between a recorded programme and live tv and back again to the recording without all the button presses.. A stop button as on the V6; was ideal. Why can’t Virgin wake up to this and give us some kind of solution?


Pressing TV during a recording brings you straight to live TV.   Say 'recordings' into remote brings you straight to your list of recordings 

On our wavelength

Thanks, I understand all this. However, to get back to your recorded programme without having to go through the recordings list again is not instant. You can do it with he voice control, but as I said, when you want to switch quickly and frequently between the two and have had enough of the mic control making errors, it’s a pain. Did you ever use the TiVo V6? It was much faster and easier. Coupled with that you could restore deleted programmes and a host of other stuff.

A lot of the missing V6 features are patented by TiVo so can't be added to Virgin's in-house Horizon software that Global Media use across their various companies.


Tuning in

I hate the new 360 software, on the V6 the series link was great. You had all the series in one folder but on the 360 if a program is on a different channel it opens up a new folder and I hate that. I have OCD and like things in order, when I renewed my contract I had no choose in having the 360 box. When I started to use it and found that it was totally rubbish I asked to be changed back but they said I could not. Now I am stuck with this rubbish. And also if you delete a program by mistake you cannot recover it. A lot of customers are saying the same thing, why is Virgin not listening to they customers, because once you in a contract they do not care. It is a software upgrade if the V6 box had it then why can they not do it on the 360 box. I have 2 months left on this contract I am really thinking of cancelling, I am totally fed up.