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Lost 5USA recordings.

Community elder

I know this might sound sad but I had all the episodes of Columbo recorded to watch when there is nothing else worth watching, these were recorded on 5USA but now Columbo has been switched to 5Select effectively making my recordings unwatchable only get the option to edit (delete) the recordings apart from the one's also available to watch on 5Select where the picture quality is dire.

Another problem with the data being stored on Virgins servers with the Horizon software and no across channels recording option like the V6 had which probably wouldn't have caused this, if 5USA had closed I would expect this.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Channel rebrands are usually just that - rebrands, the underlying EPG data should remain the same. Look at the umpteen name-changes of Sky Sports Action/Arena, and Sky Cinema - for evidence of that.

It wouldn't surprise me if there's some quirks with TV360, though.

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Hi japitts,

Definitely think it's a 'quirk' with the 360 software, 5USA used to run back to back episodes of Columbo on a Sunday this has now been moved to 5Select so the link to the channel has been lost. As my 360 is only running around 40% full I won't be deleting them just yet just in case they move back to 5USA and become available again.

I will wait and see, another reason why you might be hanging on to your V6.