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Free UHD Channels

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Got an email just there to say free UHD channels including sky sports however everything stil saying to subscribe on all uhd channels?



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Hi IainC86,

I don't know if it's all badly worded but the TV Edit page says Virgin TV UHD channel but when you read down the page it says,

For two weeks you can binge on diamond-clear box sets in On Demand or enjoy a truly cinematic experience with hundreds of movies available on Sky Cinema in ultra HD. And don’t miss out on your favourite sports with Sky Sports UHD and TNT Sports Ultimate in the best picture quality available – it’s the next best thing to being there!

Just checked the Sky Movies and it does say subscribe.

Maybe someone forgot to throw the switch but I thought you would see this advertised on the home page.


Alessandro Volta

The way I read it is that you need to be a subscriber to Sky Sports HD and VM will provide a free upgrade to UHD for the 2-week period. If you like what you see then you can upgrade to UHD for £7pm.

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Hi IainC86,

If Rodger_Gooner is correct do you have Sky Sports HD already and can you get the UHD channel's, I already have the Sky Sports UHD so can't check that but I do have Sky Movies HD and only get the subscribe option for UHD.

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Typical Virgin Media!
I have both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema but I can confirm no UHD sport channels have been activated and Sky Cinema UHD on demand says SUBSCRIBE.

Another example where marketing is completely not connected with customers services.

Come on Virgin Media! 


The dates on the email also don't make sense. It says that it is starting this weekend yet the starting dates says 25th March; which was before the email was sent out. 
I can't access any additional UHD channels; I already have TNT Ultimate and the Virgin UHD Channel.

Tuning in

Same here, also a Sky Sports / Movies HD subscriber but all UHD channels only offer the subscription option.

I also picked up on the date, at least VM are reliably inconsistent in everything they do…

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Got Email yesterday 28/3 saying UHD was Free for 2 weeks.  This was 5 days BEFORE I got the email.  Still cannot get it although im on the MEGA TV package.  How do I correct this

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I am in the exact same boat


On our wavelength

I have sky sports and movies and nothing, this is beyond belief.  What the actual hell 


on a call to them now