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Error message cs2000 and storage full.

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  • on Friday we had  an engineer come and replace one of my 360 boxes that was not rewinding live TV and showing the error code cs2000 and the storage was showing as full. All good to start with.
  • 2 days on and the new box is showing all the same faults,  whilst the upstairs box is not showing any faults at all.
  • Any ideas please?

Community elder

If you had 2 V6 boxes converted to 360 software and one became faulty I thought it was standard practice then to change the faulty box to a mini box which has no hard drive, so do you still have 2 360 main boxes with hard drives.


On our wavelength

Yes, the engineer didn't mention the second box.

On our wavelength

Yes I have 2 main boxes with hard drive. Only 1 does not record or rewind live tv and that is a new box only replaced on Friday.

Sounds like your new box is faulty and you need to call Virgin again or wait here for one of the forum team to pick this up which might be 2 to 3 day's.

You could try swapping the 2 boxes around to make sure the fault follows the box to be 100% certain.


On our wavelength

I might try swapping the boxes, it's just so difficult speaking to virgin on the phone. After that I'll wait for another forum member, thanks for your help so far.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello AndyMcP69.

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues with your 360 boxes.

I will be honest and say if you have 2 360 boxes. The additional one would need to be a 360 mini box.

I have never seen 2 main 360 boxes on an account in all the time I have worked here.

What we do need to do is arrange another visit "sorry" to swap the faulty 360 box over to a mini 360.

It would be best for obvious reasons to keep the main one that works downstairs and have the min 360 upstairs.

If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check the logo top right of your screen that would be great. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @AndyMcP69 

Have you tried swapping the boxes around as suggested by @roy247 ?  This may force the replaced box to sstart working correctly and won't affect the box that has no problems. You can always swap them around again afterwards.

It does seem odd that your faulty main 360 was replaced with another main 360, maybe the tech didn't have any spare mini boxes at the time.  The mini box is half the height of the main box (see picture below)

As per Roy,  myself and many others updated two V6 boxes to main 360 boxes and thus retained the hard drives and recording facilities on both boxes.  However, if a customer has two main boxes and one needs replacing then it will be replaced with a mini box which doesn't have the hard drive.

main 360 (left) and mini 360 (right)main 360 (left) and mini 360 (right)

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