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Error code MA1/15/40

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I have the same issue - except it's on my main box. And support are not helpful. 



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I have been trying to upgrade my TV box to 360 since last night and all attempts to do so have failed.  The error MA1/15/40  does not go away. 

I am an advanced user with knowledge of how these upgrades work and work the equipment.  I am a software engineer after all! Having called virgin in the morning today, I was told that I have followed the correct procedures time and time again and re-booted several times, looked at the FQA's, etc.  So why am I having to go through this over and over again with a different support person everytime as if it's the first call I am making about this issue!  Don't they have notes they can read and cut through the chase? The first support was very knowledgeable and told me that they can see the box has tried to download the install for the upgrade but it stopped or interrupted half way and now it is stuck.

It could not be re-set at the Virgin end and so I was told an engineer has been booked. That was at 8:30 this morning. I've had no message or indication of the booking. So I called again at lunchtime to find out why this is and this time another support person informs me that the booking for the engineer has been cancelled!  WHY?? I certainly didn't cancel it and there is no indication as to why it was cancelled. In fact, I was treated like normal 'unfamiliar with tech issues' person so I told them I am a technician too and very familiar with the process of how upgrades work and I have done all the due diligence before putting in the call - twice now!

On top of that this second support person told me that they are going to record "that an engineer came but couldn't fix the issue" - what engineer? When? - Why record something completely incorrect?

I now await a new request placed (hopefully) for an engineer to be in touch/call in to resolve this issue - if that is this this request doesn't  also get  cancelled for NO REASON AGAIN!!!

What a cowboy outfit - I wish I hadn't been persuaded to upgrade - I am paying for a service that will cost me £11 more than the package I was on - and what a total waste of money and my time having explain to different support person each time and go through the same useless procedure that is clearly not resolving the issue. 

Come on guys - the box is clearly not working and I should just get a new one or get an engineer to come and physically fix the issue. 

I will not be renewing with Virgin when my 18 months contract comes to an end!



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I am also having this issue - and I too am waiting for a resolution - Virgin are useless at even booking an engineer to either call or speak to - let's hope someone from Virgin will look at these posts and get their finger out!

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Hi Newapollo

Tried this but no luck - still getting the MA1/15/40 code 

Is the box still working correctly as a V6 box? Or has the upgrade attempt broken it? If it's still working I'd stick with it, the V6 is a better system than the 360, with a lot more features.

Some of the missing features are as follows; Wishlists (where you can set the box to record programs on certain subjects or featuring certain people), undelete, series link+, series link manager, suggestions, setting of series links for programs not in the current TV guide, ethernet control, keyboard support via USB, switching between tuners with constant buffering, skip-back on fast-forward, quickplay, default recording options, cancelling individual recordings from a series link, multi-channel series links, radio channels allowing recording of radio, separation of recordings between boxes, watching recordings when internet is not available and probably a few others I've forgotten.

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Very Insightful Person

@Smeets wrote:

I wish I hadn't been persuaded to upgrade

The choice to convert to TV360 is completely voluntary and totally independent of whatever package deal you've chosen. If you weren't sure, a "no thankyou" is often a good response.


@Smeets wrote:I am paying for a service that will cost me £11 more than the package I was on

All package changes are covered by 14day distance selling, you have this time period to exercise "change of mind" and revert to whatever contract you were on prior to the sale. You don't pay any more for TV360 than you did TiVo/V6, the TV box software has no bearing on your contract package and is totally independent of it.

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