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Couple of questions

Tuning in

Where is the i (info) button. There's nowt showing in the booklet/can't see it on remote and can I get rid of the white line that goes across the listings in guide? That line is really annoying. I'm so used to the Tivo remote and don't like this new one



Three dots button will give you the options.  ...


The vertical white line is the NOW line...  Just press right arrow to move forward in time 

Don't know why there is that annoying line and it's a shame they have it cos it's distracting. Cheers for that and at least I can get info. 

Community elder

As 1707-e has already said the white line is the live timeline to show where you are up to on the guide and the ... button called the contextual button is the info button.

Also when fast forwarding you can remove the >>>> by pressing the TV button.

360 remote.jpg

Ta for that pic. I have summat else to ask. I'm playing about and i added favourite channels but when I went to Guide all that is showing were those channels. I deleted them hoping that I would get the full guide back but it's the same. So all I can see are three channels

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If you have set up a profile press the Profile button on the side of the remote and select Shared.