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Joining in

I have 2 TiVo boxes and have successfully ordered one but when I try to order a second I get an error on the screen. Would it be possible for a second to be sent to me? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Magpie923 

Which TV boxes do you have? 

Tivo boxes can't be migrated to the 36o platform, only the V6 boxes can migrate to the 360 Horizon platform.

If you have a V6 box(es) then the migration to Horizon (TV360) would be performed over the air and 360 remotes would be sent out..

If you have a tmixture of V6 and tivo boxes, or just tivo boxes then providing you also receive broadband from VM you would need a tech visit to swap out the tivo box(es) for TV360 boxes.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Magpie923,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

I can see from our side you've been able to get in touch with the team regarding this, if you do still need help with anything please let us know.


Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

hey @Magpie923 if you have two boxes and you have "successfully" ordered an upgrade to 360 then you will get upgrades for both!

If you have two V6 boxes, you'll be sent two 360 remotes.  Start the upgrade on your first box and once it's done the second will kick off automatically.  Make sure its on!

If you have a V6 and a older TiVo box (with the bigger "peanut" remote) the V6 will need a 360 remote for a quick software upgrade to 360 and you'll swap out the older box for a shiny new 360 Mini box.  

If you have two older TiVo boxes, then they will both need swapping out, the main for a 360 box and the second for a 360 Mini!  

Hope this helps...