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360 box massive backwards step

Joining in

After renewing my contract with Virgin just negotiated on price the day as I was going on holiday, just a renewal not an upgrade with my 2 x V6 boxes. Arriving back from holiday a 360 remote had arrived, on opening the box it says 5 days after receiving all my recordings would be deleted!!!! So nothing was recorded whilst away and lost all existing!!! Put 2 complaints in still not heard. Engineer already had to come out and replace one box due to an issue already, wouldnt record at all.

Having so many issues with the 360 as you are probably all aware

- no keywords is a massive loss, used this all the time

- box forever switching off - even though set to 24 hours and active start, never switched the V6 box off.

- using virgin go app forever says offline cant remote record

(anyone got any ideas how to resolve this? if away from home sometimes good to record something you forgot. This doesnt work even if ive used the virgin box at home within 24 hours. Used last night and cant access now. Says Your Virgin TV box is offline, we'll schedule - (said programme) to record when it comes back online.

- going to guide isnt as easy to select movies, music channels from the top, if you are on channel 200+, i have to press 101 just to goto the top to select category. Using voice doesnt work.

(is there a work around this?)

- cant cancel planned recordings, I add a series link and they have episodes on all the time not in order, some have seen so want to cancel, am unable to do so until the show has recorded.



Cant say I was forced to upgrade. I wasnt even told I was being upgraded, as far as I was aware was just renewing existing contract with same equipment. To then just receive a 360 remote whilst on holiday and then find all recordings erased when I got back, was fuming.

I feel your pain.

Similar thing happened to us. Box arrived with new router and remote so I followed the guide. Only to find out that 360 is a absolute massive step backwards. I'm so angry. It's a total pile of. It's like something a team designed on the apprentice in two days not months/years of development.  But Alan Sugar would rip it apart for being so inferior.. I literally now don't look forward to watching TV anymore. At least I'll be reading more I guess. What makes it worse is that it appears Virgin couldn't care less based on topics here from at least three years ago, yet people are still making the same comments about the flaws. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Anyone who find themselves migrated without even being informed, has cause for complaint. There have been a couple of cases on here where disabled users who were not advised, had difficulties with the TV360 software.

1: There were genuine usability issues, 2: I strongly suspect VM would have played back the call recordings to ascertain there was either no discussion of conversion, no acceptance or even a refusal - in other words, outright CS failure.

I don't doubt that the back-end work to revert is complex, and not undertaken lightly. It certainly is not something offered because of simple buyers remorse - which the vast majority of cases on here seem to amount to.

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I hate that term, buyers remorse. It's not buyers remorse. It's not like we were given all the information to make an informed choice then regretted it. Virgin know if they said "why don't you upgrade. By the way it doesn't have this feature, or that feature, no one would "upgrade". Yes these forums exist but after reading lots of them over the past few days, it appears people (like myself) sadly only find them afterwards.