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360 Remote Un-Pairing

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I upgraded/changed to Virgin 360 from TiVo back at the beginning of November. Since that date the new 360 remote intermittently un-pairs. Sometimes it re-pairs on its own, other times popping the batteries in and out works, sometimes we have to re-pair with the box. This happened everyone we watch something, thorough live tv, recorded and in apps. VM technical help have been useless, their solution every time I call is to send me another remote, I’ve had 4 now and a new box. Still having the same problem. They gave me a £20 refund for the inconvenience but that has never been taken off the 3 bills since. Anyone else had this problem with the remote un-pairing. I’ve now with regret had to go to the ombudsman to resolve the problem.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @bavss 

It's best to leave the 360 on fast start if it isn't already. 

Settings > System > Standby power consumption > Fast start.

Please also see << this post >>  it may help by you turning off  the CEC connection in your TV's settings.

CEC has different naming conventions on the various TV's, such as 

  • AOC: E-link
  • Hitachi: HDMI-CEC
  • LG: SimpLink or SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC)
  • Mitsubishi: NetCommand for HDMI, RealLink for HDMI
  • Onkyo: RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI)
  • Panasonic: HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync, or VIERA Link for CEC
  • Philips: EasyLink, Fun-Link
  • Pioneer: Kuro Link
  • Roku TV: 1-Touch Play
  • Samsung: Anynet+
  • Sharp: Aquos Link
  • Sony: BRAVIA Link, Bravia Sync
  • Toshiba: CE-Link or Regza Link
  • Vizio: CEC


Also if you are using an HDMI switch this can cause problems such as remotes unpairing. If the HDMI switch is a mechanical switch you use to toggle between HDMI inputs, then depending on where it is in your setup, it can throw a spanner in the works, because basic inexpensive switches don't support HDMI-CEC switching between switch ports, the secondary devices attached to the switch will never receive the HDMI signal to turn on, for example, or keep forgetting the function such as the devices it is pairing..

When troubleshooting HDMI-CEC problems, it's best to remove the HDMI switch from your setup and troubleshoot items one by one to see where the issue is (and if the issue was the HDMI switch itself).

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