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No subtitles on TOTP!

Tuning in

Hello y'all

I am having the same recurring issue every week with old Top of the Pops episodes on BBC 4. The subtitles will NOT activate. I've tried everything and they will just not come on. Why is this?! I do not have this problem with any other programme. The Top of the Pops are broadcast every Friday 19:00-21:00. All 4 episodes - no subtitles!! 

However, when the TOTP episodes are repeated later on the subtitles work fine! Eh?! What is going on here?! It is baffling. Does anybody else have this issue? It used to only occur on my TiVo box approx. once every 3-4 months. Now, it's happening every week and it's spoiling my enjoyment of TOTP. I really like subtitles on TOTP. 

Please somebody shed some light on this enigma....


Mark R. Porritt


Hi Matthew_ML

I've already explained what's going on. If you read back through the thread you'll see exactly what problems I'm experiencing. TOTP's every Friday evenings (19:00-22:00) - no subtitles coming on. However, the repeat episodes at night do have subtitles. It makes no sense. I do not have this issue with any other programme. 

Apologies EKUMA2024, the subtitles are provided along with the content from the provider. As this is only impacting one of the programmes you watch this would likely be the reason and unfortunately we don't have any control over this.



Ok, but some of these TOTP episodes are repeats and the subtitles would work fine when first shown on BBC 4. Also, how come the subtitles activate straight away on the TOTP repeat episodes that are shown later on? I can't get my head around this. Also, the subtitles used to activate normally last year on the episodes broadcast 19:00-22:00. Why won't they activate properly now?! What has changed? Something must have happened, like a new glitch has arisen on the V6 TiVo system. 

Sadly @EKUMA2024, as previously advised we don't have any control over the availability of the subtitles on the programmes shown as these are simply down to the discretion of the broadcaster.

Do please keep your set top box in standby mode each night to ensure that all updates are received, which will avoid the prospect of any glitches