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I have sound issues on Really channel, any ideas

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I have a tivo and the sound on Really channel is dodgy, we have retuned but no joy. Any ideas.


Tuning in

We are having this problem too and we are in the West Midlands.  On Really channel, the sound cuts out for a split second before resuming.  This keeps happening every few seconds or so.  Judging by the number of people across the country who are experiencing it, the problem is nothing to do with peoples V boxes or internet connection. Obviously it is a problem coming from where the signal originates.

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I’m having the same problem with the Really channel. It’s so frustrating!!!

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Same here and we’re in Cardiff 😞

On our wavelength

Noted others complaining  about this sorry not sure how to report  the same problem  in Cardiff.

Tuning in

Really channel has been experiencing sound problems for a few days, where the sound cuts out for a split second.  This keeps happening every few seconds or so.  Other Virgin customers have been reporting the same problem across the country, so it is nothing to do with Virgin boxes or internet connections.  Some people have said the problem also exists on Freesat.  This suggests the problem is where the signal for Really channel originates.  Can Virgin Media please look into this problem?  Thank you.

Hi all 🙂

Thanks for posting. This was a known issue under fault reference F011283770 and was fixed on the 28th April.

If anyone still has any further issues with this channel, please let us know.

Forum Team

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Zach, thanks for your reply. the email notification that you had replied has gone straight to my junk folder so that is why it has taken me longer than normal to reply.

the sound on Really was better this morning but like other users in this thread it would seem that problems with sound are not being detected by your network systems but it would seem that there is a problem. Manchester and Scotland were locations mentioned, I live in middle England (Staffs) so it would appear to be a national not local issue. I have noticed that intermittent interruptions to the sound happen sporadically, usually on the cable channels. If only we could ring someone and report it at the time!

so just how do I ring customer services now that I no longer use my landline (too tight to pay VM to move my router downstairs when switched to VOIP) and my virgin mobile is now O2? do I have to ring the full 0345 number?

Hi @petersladdie,

Thanks for getting back to us here. I can see in a previous post that one of my colleague's has clarified that this was related to a known fault that has since been resolved. 

Are you continuing to experience the issue today?


Zach - Forum Team
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Very Insightful Person

All TV is supplied to the cable system centrally from the TV MHE at Langley near Heathrow Airport. The SD format channels are taken from the Astra satellite by commercial grade satellite receivers. The output from these has to be physically monitored to pick up faults, so it may have got missed by staff. There is also the possibility the equipment had to be replaced. From what I have seen of these receivers, they pull multiple channels from a dish. So it's not just a case of one out one in, as a new receiver would have to be set up before being swapped in. 

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Alessandro Volta

I've just checked this channel, no problems. I'm connected to the Hayes hub site.

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