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Catch-Up service not working on TiVo box

Dialled in

Just wanted to add that the same thing happened with our Tivo box at the same time you described, and sounds like it has with another user, Psum, who has made a similar topic.

Watching live TV working fine, as are our recordings. But catch up not working at all. Selecting catch up - channels, only has the iPlayer logo appear, all others have no pictures, just the text. iPlayer doesn't load, just an indefinite black screen if clicked. 

It seems unlikely that (at least 3 so far reported) Tivo boxes have experienced hardware failure specifically affecting on demand/ catch up at the exact same time on the 26th. I expect it is more likely something on Virgin's end that is affecting TiVo catch up services and therefore will be fixed.

Hopefully anyway as we also have a lot of recordings.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Is your TiVo's heartbeat light flashing?

If there is a fault with your box, it would be a great opportunity to get hardware swapped to a V6

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The light under the heart is consistently on, not flashing.


Hello ChrisSmith24.

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about the issues with your TiVo box. Sounds like we'll need to get this replaced and swapped for a new V6 box.

That way you can then get back to using catch up again without any freezing or errors.

To get the ball rolling, If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check your logo at the top right of your screen that would be great. 


Dialled in

Catch up working again, all the image icons are back too. Hopefully it is the same for everyone else.

Hello ChrisSmith24.

Thanks for your time over the last few days.

Glad to hear the tips worked on getting your TiVo back to life again.

If you are not able to remember what to do Its just, press thumbs down, thumbs up, play play in a fairly quick succession. The screen will then go black for approx. 15 seconds and then this should help refreshing the box.