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Windows 10 22H2 Update: comment share your experience


A new feature update for Windows 10 this morning

update2022-10-19 095248.jpg

winver 2022-10-19 100038.jpg

After running scandisk as Administrator

scandisk 2022-10-19 102055.jpg



Another Update this morning

op update 2022-10-26 090332.jpg


Net frame update 2022-10-26 091937.jpg

now up to

Winver 2022-10-26 092243.jpg

Getting the above updates now.  The 22H2 initial download only took about 15 minutes to fully install.  No problems so far.

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Updates today

Updates 2022-11-09 170453.jpg

Net framework 2022-11-09 171818.jpg

Cumulative updates today

update 2022-11-15 202449.jpg

Secure 2022-11-15 204313.jpg

winver 2022-11-15 205004.jpg


Update this morning

Screenshot 2022-11-28 022539.png

Update this afternoon

Screenshot 2022-11-28 162759.png

Updates available tonight

Updates 2022-12-13 201026.png

winver 2022-12-13 202856.png

Cumulative update this morning

Cumulative update 2023-01-11 125643.png

Now up to version

Winver 2023-01-11 125909.png

Cumulative update today

cumulative updt 2023-01-20 230354.png

Now up to version

winver2023-01-20 232355.png