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Settling in

Hi I am a new Virgin customer. I have tried to work from home but my IT are saying the VPN is blocked by Virgin Media. I have tried calling VM (-voice message saying "volume of callers high, please use website, goodbye") so not do I get this resolved? I am really not techie minded, so I have no idea how to resolve this. Help appreciated!



If you are new to Virgin Media the setting in the Virgin Media account that needs to be checked "Child Safe"

Child Safe is a  DNS filter that will block VPN / Tele Conference calls / Social media as well as 18+ content, as a new customer it may be enabled by default.

Login the your VM online account and in the WebSafe settings disable Child Safe.

Just in case that fails to work below is a workaround ...


Bypass Child Safe & Virus Safe

Below are workarounds for when Child Safe & Virus Safe does not or cannot be turned off

Changing network settings to use any Public DNS should re-gain full access for the device.

Try computers with Cisco’s OpenDNS using and

OpenDNS provide instructions here :

For Google Public DNS it would be the same method using and

For XBOX or Playstation: modify the network settings and specify the DNS manually as the OpenDNS or Google DNS numbers from above.

For Android: 

Settings >> Connections >> More connection settings >> Private DNS

Set “Private DNS provider name” to:   (disable when using mobile data)

Joining in

Have you tried using another VPN or maybe a proxy?