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Removing fibre cable

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Currently with UPP broadband but my contract ends on the 1st June when it switches to Virgin. How will my old fibre cable be removed ???


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You should contact Upp   and 

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I have tried but they said they won't take it down 

Alessandro Volta

As an aside, are you certain that there will be no delay with the Virgin service? 

New VM connections which require a cable installation are often delayed, and it is usually recommended on here that an existing service is not cancelled until VM is in and working satisfactorily.

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Why would they take it down?

Surely Virgin will be using that fibre for its services?

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Very Insightful Person

Moving from UUP to Virgin Media is purely a paperwork exercise, as UPP has been absorbed by Virgin Media. The infrastructure used to deliver your services does not change.

"Virgin Media has confirmed that they will still be delivering services over UPP's network once integration is complete" 

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Alessandro Volta

UPP's network will be absorbed into nextfibre's. As nextfibre is a wholesaler there could be another ISP who wants to deliver service, thus providing competition to VM. The last thing you want to do is get the cabling removed even if you were allowed to do so.

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I already have a new supplier with a totally new fibre connection I have no use for the old one 

Alessandro Volta

This might just be the shape of things to come. I have a redundant VM coax cable, a working BT fibre cable and am now looking at replacing that with an alt-net connection which will come via another fibre (yet to be installed). If the future requires us to switch suppliers every 18 months to 2 years for cost reasons, you might need all of your connections in place to be able to switch easily and without additional future cost. It would make no sense from a supplier's POV to go around removing their infrastructure once it is installed.