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Can you cancel the O2 SIM after an upgrade?

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Last week I renewed my deal with VM for another 18 months. Previously I was getting phone, 500MB broadband and Max TV with SkySports and TNT for £99 a month. In the renewal, they have reduced my package to £74/month but made me take out an O2 SIM for £25/month so same cost overall.

My question is, can I just cancel the O2 SIM within the 14 day cooling off period, and effective cut my package to £74 a month? I have no use for the SIM. Or would that cause Virgin to pull the whole deal?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The SIM is part of the package and if you cancel it the amount you pay will possibly go up to greater than the two combined.

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Very Insightful Person

Hi hidet 

Have a chat with O2 and ask them about downgrading to a lower priced sim.

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My sim is SIM only and has been separate to my package for over 5 years, thats why O2 keep ringing me to get me to upgrade. Will lose £26 airtime discount.

My current charge for 2x sims is £33.34 - 21.68 (Airtime Discount) = 11.66 + 2.33 vat - £13.99 will go up by 68p 

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I cancelled it technically they can change the package and/or you may end up paying more for less. I have volt which means I get a speed upgrade by having the sim. They said I would likely lose the speed upgrade by not having the sim. In my case I got an email after the sim was removed saying I’d still keep the package and benefits and nothing would change on the virgin side. No idea if that’s standard or if I got lucky. Sim has to be removed by o2 not virgin so don’t waste time in virgins line for two hours like I did. Nobody seems to promise it will be ok and ultimately it’s a risk you don’t know what will happen till it’s done. 

The only change is the sim dropped off of the account as seen in MyVirginmedia. That’s the bill the month after it was cancelled.