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Virgin Go

Tuning in


I had a problem a month or two ago with Virgin Go making me sign in every time I watched a programme. After several sign in's I was blocked because I had used up the 5  sign in's.  All that time I only ever used my Microsoft PC to log in ....never on any other device.

The problem was eventually sorted after a while and it has been ok until now.

In the last couple of weeks V Go I am having to sign in the same device (my PC) each time I try to watch a programme. I am still only ever accessing V Go with my PC.

I have deleted 2 of the 4 registered PC settings but V Go now shows that I have only 1 of 3 changes able to be made in future so I very soon will be blocked again.

What is going on with Virgin Go.

I am a very unhappy customer paying a lot to get poor service.

Can somebody tell me what the problem is every time I log into V Go with my one and only PC device.





In the last couple of weeks 



What brozwer are u using to access it i use google chrome 

Tuning in

Microsoft Edge


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and welcome back @Hosay299.

Can you please confirm if you've attempted to use an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome to see if the issue repeats itself?

It may be a case of clearing cache on the browser either before use or after.

We would however recommend using our application where possible to view your TV subscription to avoid potential duplicate log ins.




I have just tried to access V Go in Chrome and the same thing happened. It asked me to register my device before watching. My device is my PC which is already registered as "My Computer Edge"

I currently have two devices registered:

1. My Computer Edge

2. My Iphone which I never use to access V GO

The Device Management section now says I have 1/3 opportunities to register another device having deleted 2 of the previously registered "My Computer Edge" devices.  If I do that I will be frozen out again same as last time a few months ago.

Don't understand what you mean by "We would however recommend using our application where possible to view your TV subscription to avoid potential duplicate log ins."  I currently log in with a V Go icon on my PC.

If you check you will see that I had the same issue a couple of months ago, where I was frozen out after registering "My Computer Edge" device several times.

Why does this continue to happen.  I know I am not the only customer with this problem

Virgin Media should have been able to fix it by now since it has been running for a long time.

Please get your technical people to fix.




Thank you for confirming @js2910 

All we mean here is that using the app rather than a browser can ensure that the device doesn't reregister itself. 

Have you cleared the computer data or cache at all after use?


 Sorry if I'm being thick but I just click on the icon in my PC which is the URL:

Is that the App?

I've just cleared the browser data and cache and tried again to access V Go and I got access to the programme  without V Go asking me to register my device (my PC) again.

So, at present it seems to have righted itself.

I will monitor for a few days.

One more thing.  Is the fact that the Device Management section is only showing me as having 1/3 changes still available when I think I should have 3 out of 5 left.  My only 2 devices registered should be my Computer Edge PC and my iphone which I don't use to access V Go.

Thanks for your help.


Should be app


What computer system u have windows 10 or 11 What tablet or mob


What does "should be app" mean? Am I not using an app? See previous.

I access using a PC via Microsoft Edge in Windows 10


Ok thanks so u do not have a tablet or mobile phone??


App is application more know by you will know program on a computer.


Have you tried clearing your cache and history on Microsoft Edge 


Can u tried another browser like Google chrome.