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can anyone help?

I cannot change device till 01.04.2024 so now i cannot watch tv to go till then!

We have 2 devices, my laptop and my sons mobile

every time i clear history it knocks devices out, making it look like i have used all 3 changes

can anyone suggest a way this can be stopped/avoided as it is so annoying to not only have the

restriction to 3 changes a month but also restricting how often i can clear history data?

can the 5 devices restricted be reinstated so i can watch on laptop before 01.04.2024? 😞


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @zoetierney53 

A member fo the forum team may pick this up for you and help reset the devices.

In future you should follow the suggestions below from the

 /how-to-use-virgin-tv-go-app page

To use Virgin TV Go in a browser please ensure you’ve got cookies enabled in your browser, that is listed as a trusted site, your browser is set to allow protected content, and you allow pop ups from the Virgin TV Go website

Note: If you register a computer using a browser, you’ll need to use the same browser with Virgin TV Go. Using a different browser, clearing cookies or using incognito mode will be seen as a different device.


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Joining in

I too am having this same problem, although i only use two devices to watch tvgo.  My ipad or my pc so now it says i have reached limit and wont change until 01/04/24 this is not right surely there has to be a better way to deal with this, anyways any help would be greatfully appreciated.

many thanks


hi, in the past someone from the forum has reversed/lifted the restriction allowing me to continue to watch  is this still possible?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi zoetierney53

Thank you for your post, welcome back to the Community Forums.

Sorry to hear that you have no more changes left available on TV GO. I'll be happy to reset your devices for you. 

In the meantime, we have a page here about how the registered devices work along with some other information which may be useful 😊

I've sent you a PM so I can take your details and help out.