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Security message on apps via my tv cant access

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Since early hours can't get into any of the apps on my tvs, BBC I player, amazon prime, u tube, getting a security message saying security error, the server could not prove its content, all ok on phones, tablets etc, anyone else had the same?


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Had anyone got BBCi player, Amazon Prime Video or any of the others back yet?

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Mine is the same still at the moment 

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Very Insightful Person

This issue was raised as a fault ref: F011194787 but has now been fixed

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Their fix has failed - all my apps are down today with same security message . I’m in London SW11

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I am having the same issue with BBC Iplayer, amazon and youtube.

Hey @ElizaEC,

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with your TV box, can you confirm if you are still having this issue or if this has since been fixed through?


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Well I have it it is not fixed, and I can't find anyone who can resolve the issue or even let me know when...been 10 days now


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experiencing same

no resolution 

am e-mailing ceo lutz schuler if i can find email address 

Hi AndrewDurrant,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’ve been having. The issues should have been resolved during the week. Have you been able to access your TV apps since you last posted? 

Kind Regards,