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Flasing black screen Disney+

Joining in

Hi, new to Virgin and have the stream Box. Any ideas why when we put a film on Disney+ through the apps the image keeps flicking to a Black screen and then back to the film.  Thought it may have been the TV resolution so bought a new TV today and the same thing happens. Live TV, YouTube and netflix all ok only happens when watching Disney+. Thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @dcopping 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the problem you're having 😔

Are you able to access the Disney+ app through the new TV itself as oppose to through the Stream box? If so, are you experiencing the same problem when you do?

Advice on how to fix problems in relation to Disney+ can be found here

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


Hi Daniel,

Yes I tried this and works perfectly through the TV app so will just use that instead of through virgin app.