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XGS-PON Packages

Tuning in

Virgin have nearly finished rolling out their XGS-PON FTTP product in my area, I was speaking to one of their guys that confirmed what they were rolling out and he said it is capable of 10Gbps symmetric.

I know you won't be able to get 10Gbps from the get go, but will they be offering 1Gbps symmetric packages or still the same bollocks and cap the upload to 50-100Mbps?

Also any one know the prices of their new service?



had it for a few months now, was promised 1:1 "real soon" -.- they need to act quick because altnets are installing locally.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)

Fibre optic

I can see a potential new tier for it but VM would probably have to charge a visible premium for it to avoid questions from customers on older infrastructure, and I dont think it would be as high as 2.5 and deffo not 10gbit.  Maybe something like a 2000/1000 as a starting point with at least a £20 month premium over gig1 (no deals either to force that price to stay up there).

Aside from that there is an advertising conflict, current cable is considered fibre broadband, so should be capable of the same speeds right?

there's different technologies in fibre though, even OR fibre network isn't XGSPON like Virgin's new network. they may try to charge a premium but with altnets offering 1:1 at lower prices, they have to compete with prices, or face the fact people will move to the better deals.

end of the day it all boils down to price, if it's £50 for 1000/100 at Virgin or £50 somewhere else for 1000/1000, I know where I'm sending my £50.

the whole new network should be on its own tariffs not linked to HFC at all. 

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)

Fibre optic

We know its different as we are tech geeks. but the advertising doesnt differentiate which I think is the point ipfreely was making.  So you will have some of VM customers asking why their fibre broadband cant do these shiny new speeds the same as this other fibre broadband.

but this is the same thing as with OR and fiber areas and non fiber areas, I'd understand if it was down the same street, but we're talking entire towns full setup and running xgspon. no different than when 1gig first come around, not ever one got it.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)

Nice dashboard what back end application is recording the data

pings,, and, and does speedtests 🙂 

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)

still not update in speeds/packages, only signs of 5gbs in some sort of json's somewhere. Anyone heard anything else?

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)


How would you know when VM have updated your street cable with XGS-PON? VM were laying fibre (2 weeks ago) on a nearby main road to my house which is on the legacy DOCSIS cable...... 

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Alessandro Volta

VM is installing new cabinets next to existing cabinets for the fibre runs. However there is also a lot of work to be done upstream before you will be offered an XGS-PON installation.

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