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Slow wifi at night

Tuning in

Every night at around 10.30pm, the Wi-Fi suddenly slows down to a painful crawl to the point where it is unusable. Even stood next to the router.Ant other time there are no issues. 



To help be sure there are no issues :

1) Local faults can be checked on 0800 561 0061

2) The service speed to the Hub can be speed tests via :

Thanks, but it is every night and can't check the speed as the speed is so slow it times out on virgin media when it eventually loads the virgin page.

Here is the link :

Copy it down on paper or book mark it in a browser so you don't need to re-visit the VM website when trouble strikes.

Hi Frustratedwithv,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've been having an issue with slower speeds on your WiFi connection. 

Taking a look at things this end, I can see all is looking well with the Hub in terms of power levels, uptime and time outs. There are no faults open that may be affecting you either.

There are so many things that can influence a WiFi connection some of which include but are not limited to, a fish tank being in the same room, walls being built with concrete instead of brick, it could even be that your next door neighbours router is interfering with yours. Due to this, we are only able to offer limited help. Please have a look here: WiFi Help.

The Hub's location could also be causing the coverage problem so we do need to check the positioning of it. Can you please ensure the following: 

  • Out in the open
  • Next to the TV not behind it
  • Away from large bodies of water (e.g. fish tanks)
  • Away from baby monitors and cordless phones
  • Think of the Hub as a radio, and WiFi as the sound - the further away you are from the radio, or the more obstacles that are in the way (walls, electronic devices etc.), the quieter the radio & the poorer the WiFi.

If that doesn't help, you can download our Connect App which will allow you to scan areas of your home and will offer help. You can view more information on that here.

Finally, you can view more about our new WiFi Max service here.

Please keep us posted on how you get on. 


Forum Team

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Tuning in

I am having exactly the same problem as the original poster: wifi slows to a crawl after about 10pm. I have checked everything suggested above. The wifi is perfect until late evening then everything slows down which makes it impossible to watch Youtube or to stream movies!

please advise.

Yeah I have the exact some problem, after around 10:30 the wifi becomes very unstable. It's almost every night and the wifi is normal throughout the day (besides from the usual random problems with outages throughout the area). Please take notice of this problem as it's happening to many people and not due to our end.

Hey @JackofHart,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear this issue is affecting you, can you confirm you have done the above checks and still having this issue? Have you also rebooted your Hub whilst this issue is ongoing?


Yes, it has all been done. I can stand three feet from the hub and is still slow. When checking the speed at various times of the day it can be appalling. Disgusted with virgin that their answer is to ask other users rather than dealing with it themselves. Changing supplier is the next action.

Thank you for letting us know this, I am going to send you a PM so we can look into this.

Please keep an eye out for it. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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