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Not given speeds agreed

Joining in

<span;>Upgraded on the 5th oct as I received a offer through a message then i contact yourselves on the 9th oct day after est activation date

<span;>You had nothing on your system<span;> and and resold me package of same price after adding credits

<span;>Then received new contract £122 bill then £55 a month this is not what was agreed you said it would be £39 a month and that is it no fees you lied and its all documented on screen shots on the messages

<span;>Then bill was £66 after i messeged u on the 9th November which I paid via direct debit i thought its the first of the contract understandable then it will be 39 no problems

<span;>Recieve this months bill £114 with late fees , and money owed from last month.
<span;>I didn't pay late and you told me it would be £66 on the 9th November.

<span;>So spoke to you Wednesday and was to "<span;>I am sorry but you won't be paying any kind of bill tomorrow because I can see here that your next bill will be on 29/01/24."

<span;>Thinking this can't be right just telling me what I want to here and fobbing me off again then you tried taking the payment of £114 luckily I moved the money so you couldn't take it.

<span;>All this is documented by screenshot right from the beginning its disgusting how u operate

<span;>And after all this my Internet speed hasn't even changed as I keep testing it always between 140-200 no where near 500

<span;>Should of just stayed as I was, same speed lower price and no hassle.


Wise owl

What does this site show?


Showing 500 coming in but still 200 with a wired connection 

Alessandro Volta

put hub in modem mode with the wired PC and test here

Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test